Xinyu Hao


This series of works attempts to establish the potential connection between two-dimensional image language and three-dimensional spaces in an experimental way, which is based on imagination, visual experience, and personal subconsciousness.

Xinyu segmented and reorganized the image materials accumulated in a specific period, digging out the power from the montage that he did not feel when shooting. These fragmented images focus on the natural disciplines of materials, hidden corners, and also dissociation and self-cognition of physical bodies in different states such as liquid, solid, gas, etc.

These fragments also constitute the complete him for some time and are a duration state of memory and emotion for the time spent.

He will choose those scenes (a place always behind the light) that he has been paying attention to. This marginalized scene gives me a sense of powerlessness, order, and oppression. His intervention and reconstruction of these scenes also depict his adaptation, struggle, contradiction, compromis, and paradox in the collective consciousness as an individual.

Photography, as the final presentation medium, gives the viewer a vantage point of viewing space, it is hoped that a dialogue with the viewer could be rendered with my narration.

See Xinyu Hao‘s series Entrance

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