We want to share your work, projects and ideas.    

At Decoration Centre we want to offer a space that showcases ongoing thoughts, ideas, and works from artists, musicians, writers, and anyone in between. 

Share images or videos, talk about your own practice, talk about someone else’s practice. Talk about what you’re listening to or what you make of these turbulent times we’re living in. If you’ve got something that you feel you need to share, then we would love to.

Hopefully, you will be introduced to new people here. Hopefully, you will leave inspired.

To submit please email us at
info@decorationcentre.co.uk with:

︎ Up to 10 images (JPEGs or PNGs, max 1mb each, max 92dpi) or videos, links, text etc

︎ Accompanying text (up to 750 words) including relevant titles and subtitles

︎ Links to website and/or socials

︎ We are interested in honest works and discussion, also looking to interview creatives. Please state when submitting if you would be interested in an interview, collaboration or digital takeovers

︎ Currently, submissions are unpaid. We are very aware this is not ideal - our goal is to introduce paid digital residencies in the nearest future