Elliot Condé 

The Space Between the Seams

We offer different reflections of ourselves to different people and within that view, the self becomes less of a finite encompassment and more of an abstraction that's definition is formed solely in the framing of the witness to it - muddled and blurred by their own experiences, thoughts and feelings.

The self is not constituted from an opinion of it by the viewer or the self. It is a flowing and fluid act, and each act offers itself to be viewed and collaged within the frame of a particular understanding; however small or large that frame is, it is always segmented, and not entire. We are not capable of an exact definition by means of ourself or others, better yet we form a kaleidoscope of actions, all understood through transient and ever-changing angles.

We present separate and distinct renditions of our character, exhibiting a narrative that coexists in a parallel tandem to the viewers own. We are not known but seen.